What I learned about handling 2020 from the tortoise who chose a different path

I was starting to like 2020. After a slow start, a major change of plans because of coronavirus, a long and difficult lockdown, I felt that my family and I had taken all the possible steps to be better prepared for what was to come (read: a possible lockdown!).

We settled in Greece, where the virus seemed to be advancing more slowly than elsewhere. We found a house where I could have my own office and Lorenzo started going to nursery. This meant my husband could take up some journalistic work again. All was starting to fall into place.

When the Greek government announced a lockdown two weeks ago, I was unfazed. Ok, we’ll stay at home more, we will alert the government when we go out. I’m OK, as long as schools remain open, I kept telling myself.

Then last Saturday, the dreaded announcement: all schools, including nurseries, will be closed for at least two weeks.

Oh, the despair. What to do now with Lorenzo? How to keep up with work? How to look for a new balance – once again? I had read so much evidence about how children and schools are not super-spreaders, so I was feeling confident schools would not be closed. But why such certainty?!

A couple of weeks ago, in a meeting, one of my colleagues said that the coronavirus is like children: unpredictable and uncertain.

There’s an element of truth in that: whenever you think you have something figured out as a paren…

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