Doing the laundry

A laundromat may not be your ideal location to spend a Saturday afternoon. Even less so if you are out and about with a small child. But I have to admit that my Saturday afternoon doing laundry was actually quite pleasant.

My family and I are currently staying in a mountain cabin in the Italian Alps, in Val di Sella, a remote valley an hour east of the city of Trento. Lorenzo, my 8-month-old son, wears reusable cloth diapers and washing machines are my best friends. We have an internet connection in our cabin – but no washing machine. 

This is our home for the next month or so, courtesy of my brother’s in-laws.

So we drove down 15 minutes to the closest town, Borgo Valsugana, and found a laundromat. 

When I went there for the first ti…

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