Let’s get our v-words right! And other lessons you have taught me

Last week I published a story about things I wished I knew about sex when I was younger, inspired by Sex Education, a Netflix series that I really enjoy.

When it was posted, I could hear part of myself screaming inside my head: How can you write about a teenage Netflix series at a time like this? We’re living in this extraordinary moment in time and you’re writing about your sex life?!

The thing is, my friends in Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Quito and Addis Ababa are all experiencing different versions of a lockdown. We are more connected than ever – and a lot of us are having a hard time. But there are things we can control, as this useful image suggests.

Courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/thecounselingteacher/.

I am very lucky not to be working for a traditional news site at the moment, because all I would do is write about the c-word. But at The Correspondent, we are providing context for the current pandemic, while at the same time making sure we write about everything else too. And, as a tea…

This is not a space to simply comment. This is where you take part in the community.

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