On tooth fairies and dreamy swims in lockdown

I’ve been in lockdown in Naples, Italy, for three weeks now. The rules are strict here; we can only go out with a self-certification showing that we’re doing groceries or going to the pharmacy. Since I’m staying with my parents, I’m being extra careful for their sake and I’ve only left the house to throw out the rubbish.

But when night comes, I go out on the wildest walks (in my dreams, of course!). Last night, I was in Madrid, figuring out where to leave my luggage before heading to the airport. The night before, I was in a beautiful villa with a huge garden and three (!!) swimming pools. If I had to guess from the bougainvillea around the property and the view from the top, it was probably on the island of Capri. I was in the water, swimming, and so was Lorenzo, my son. The sun was out but it was not too hot. 

At this time of forced confinement, I look back on the days when I was too lazy to go out for a walk in the fresh air, and on the moments when meeting up physically with people was so straightforward. It’s unclear how long Italy will keep its lockdown, but I’m sure this period will make me cherish my previous ease of movement even more. For now, I can’t wait to see where my dreams will take me tonight!

Let the Ratón Pérez out

In the Spanish-language world, the Tooth Fairy is actually a mouse called Ratón Pérez. Like the Fairy, the Ratón leaves children money overnight when their teeth fall out.

When Argentina went into lockdown earlier this month, the mother of seven-year-old Joaquín took to Twitter to ask President Alberto Fernández whether Ratón Peréz was allowed to go out. And the president made an announcement the Ratón was exempt f…

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