The boy that showed the world that childhood dreams can come true (and the insides of a VHS tape)

I’m writing these notes at 6am, after having slept in short intervals throughout the night. My son Lorenzo is teething and he only accepts me comforting him at night. Lucky me! 

Somehow I feel awake, and lucid. I debate whether I should sleep some more, because sleep should never be taken for granted with a baby around. But neither should I let go of a lucid moment.

I remember reading an interview in which Isol, one of my favourite children’s book authors and illustrators, said that after becoming a mother she started tackling projects that she could do in a fragmented manner, whenever her baby was napping.

(By the way, if you’ve never heard of Isol and have children in your lives, go online and buy one of her books now. You will thank me later.)

So, in Isol’s style, here come this week’s fragments.

The insides of a VHS tape

Yesterday, Lorenzo was out of my sight for two minutes as I unloaded the dishwasher. When he is quiet it is usually a sign that he’s doing something he shouldn’t, like climbing up stairs or painting the sofa. But before I registered the silence, he came over to me with a VHS tape in his hands, with part of the film pulled out.

He had found it in a box of things I want to ge…

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