Women! Women everywhere (even on the walls)

Powerful marches and strikes were led by women in Latin America to mark International Women’s Day this year – something I’ve missed since I’m in Italy, where public gatherings are to be kept to a minimum because of coronavirus containment strategies.

Women in Latin America marched for a variety of reasons: for abortion to become legal, for femicides to be recognised as crimes and for legislation to be implemented to make women safer.

Many people have written eloquently about which fights around gender are worth having – and where feminism stands today. At The Correspondent, we put together our own compilation of questions that we think should be asked by feminism in 2020. And OluTimehin, our Othering correspondent, wrote five quick tips for those who want to protect women 24/7, beyond the hype of 8 March.

So I’m taking advantage of my personal photographic archive to share some ideas about th…

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