A self-identified superwoman praises other superwomen (and some other superpeople)

One of the warmest things I’ve witnessed online this past week is the conversation going on below Othering correspondent OluTimehin Adegbeye’s beautiful newsletter in which she asked members: Who are you?

The idea is to be able to describe yourself without mentioning your job, nationality or education – the same way we were asked to do it when we applied for our jobs at The Correspondent.

I wrote my own application form completely underslept, in a stranger’s home, about to embark on a complex one-month reporting trip with a three-month-old. All I remembered from what I wrote was that I did so late at night, with a feeling of urgency.

After reading OluTimehin, I looked through my folders to find that application form again. And here it is: a testimony of what a new mum without maternity leave and a stable income can put down on paper with little sleep.

“Since becoming a mother three months ago, I’ve turned into a superwoman. This is no exaggeration: juggling a newborn with life in the countryside and my creative and professional quests – with no maternity leave – has made me more creative, efficient and organised. It’s helped me focus and prioritize, dedicating myself to my true passions. Lorenzo’s curious eyes are helping me explore new perspectives. …

This is not a space to simply comment. This is where you take part in the community.

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