Activists and legal experts from around the world shared their work on reproductive rights, and how we can best understand one another on divisive issues.

Listen, love and educate: here’s how to talk about our toughest issues (like abortion)

At The Correspondent, we’re spending more time learning about how we can have better conversations about our toughest issues.

Some weeks ago, we brought together experts in reproductive rights and others who work on dialogue and peaceful communication. We didn’t know quite what to expect, with 16 people sharing their thoughts from 13 different countries. This is because the topic we asked our experts to look at has seen an overwhelming number of people and policymakers clashing around the world.

The legal right of a person to access a termination of their pregnancy is as political and polarising an issue you can get. Lawyers, activists, writers and dialogue facilitators joined us to discuss five ways to talk about one of our toughest issues: abortion.

Here were the five main takeaways.

  1. Be aware of what’s out of your control: influence and misinformation
  2. Look to Ireland, Argentina and Poland to see how citizens have led
  3. Remember who you’re talking about when you’re talking about abortion
  4. There is a clear way to break the taboo around sexuality and patriarchy: education
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