Over the last few weeks, I’ve had some difficult talks about abortion. And that’s a very good thing

During my current stay in Argentina, I’ve sat through a bunch of dinners where abortion was compared to murder. I have friends and extended family who believe that a person is formed at the moment of conception and that an embryo or a foetus should have the same legal value as a mother. Others believe that if you don’t want a pregnancy, it was your fault because you made a mistake when you had sex, and you should simply live with it. (Abortion in Argentina is legal in the case of rape, so these conversations were not about rape.)

Most recently, I spent a month in Bella Vista, a leafy suburb west of the city, where I came across these banners outside of people’s homes.

The banner says in Spanish: I am 8 weeks old / I want to be born / My life is in your hands. The banner refers to the 8-week-old embryo as “bebito” or little baby.

It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s quite a positive thing that I was actually discussing abortion around the dinner table and telling people how vile I thought these posters were.

I wear a green handkerchief around my bag and if you read my piece about the movement to end legal restrictions on abortion in Argenti…

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