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Teacher Tom: Putting children at the heart of society

“Daddy, let’s go somewhere!“ It was 2-year-old Josephine that unconsciously pushed her father Tom Hobson to shift gears. After studying journalism, Hobson was working as a content writer while trying to publish his fiction. But when his wife Jennifer got pregnant, it became clear that

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Why do we judge parents?

It’s a sunny Sunday in winter. Greece is in lockdown, parks are closed, but the beach is open to all. I arrive at Kavouri, south of Athens, with Lorenzo; we carry a bag of buckets, spades, scoops and other beach toys. We sit down, and

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Pregnant – and harassed – in Japan

This post is public, so feel free to share it. Also, it is packed with information, so my recommendations will be back next week! It was the picture that caught my attention first. There was a guy sitting on a bed, wearing a vest that

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Red and yellow octopus plushes. The red one has an angry expression while the yellow one has an happy expression.

What’s wrong with the idea of the “terrible twos”

I heard of the “terrible twos” way before I decided to have a child. The idea goes something like this: cute chubby, mostly benign babies turn into screaming, irrational, defiant dictators. The developmental shift that creates such an explosive potential is the child’s gradual understanding

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Learning from our falls – and getting up again

This week I’ll skip recommendations because this is a longish newsletter. Many of you have said that time is an issue, so I’ll also tell you how long it will take you to read this newsletter, and I’ll try and keep the reading time to

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Round assorted-colors plastic cases. In the center one there are several wooden colorful figurines, shaped like fish, hearts and stars.

How do we really listen to kids about their needs?

Some like to call children our future. It’s technically true: they will most likely outlive us adults. They have more time on earth and fresher, more innovative ideas. But children are also our present. If we stick to the United Nations definition of children as

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Photo of baby holding person's fingers

Who has the right to have a child?

When I was in my early 20s, an older friend of mine got pregnant with her ex-boyfriend who had no intention of being involved in raising a kid. When my friend decided to keep the pregnancy, I was terrified and puzzled. How would she go

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The unconscious burden of our first names

Our family legend goes as such: the very day I was born, my parents almost split up because they argued about my name. You see, it was back in the times when parents found out a child’s sex at birth, and my mum had been

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On umbilical cords and feeling at home

Before delving into this week’s topic, some good news: I got a Facebook scholarship to participate in the Journalism Creators Program at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY! This means that I’ll spend the next 100 days studying how to make this platform

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