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red and white "2000m" milestone on a foggy mountain

Taking the first steps (Or: why I dislike milestones)

I rarely mention milestones in my newsletters, which may be puzzling to some of you who have children or work with them. Milestones are checkpoints in a child’s development: taking the first step, using the toilet for the first time, saying the first word. They

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Yellow and black plastic toy on a wooden table

Learning from our falls – and getting up again

This week I’ll skip recommendations because this is a longish newsletter. Many of you have said that time is an issue, so I’ll also tell you how long it will take you to read this newsletter, and I’ll try and keep the reading time to

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Round assorted-colors plastic cases. In the center one there are several wooden colorful figurines, shaped like fish, hearts and stars.

How do we really listen to kids about their needs?

Some like to call children our future. It’s technically true: they will most likely outlive us adults. They have more time on earth and fresher, more innovative ideas. But children are also our present. If we stick to the United Nations definition of children as

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Photo of baby holding person's fingers

Who has the right to have a child?

When I was in my early 20s, an older friend of mine got pregnant with her ex-boyfriend who had no intention of being involved in raising a kid. When my friend decided to keep the pregnancy, I was terrified and puzzled. How would she go

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The unconscious burden of our first names

Our family legend goes as such: the very day I was born, my parents almost split up because they argued about my name. You see, it was back in the times when parents found out a child’s sex at birth, and my mum had been

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Forever in the archive:

I’m creating this space to mourn a loss

*Warning: This newsletter talks about miscarriage. If you find the topic triggering, maybe skip reading this edition, and check out this website for extra resources. I felt so tired when 2021 started. Sure, I thought to myself: I had been made redundant by The Correspondent, the

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How do we talk to children about the news?

This week I explore tips on talking to children about the news. If you’re anything like me, you may have more questions and worries. That’s why I’ve invited experts that you can talk to directly, if you’re a paying member: check out the full list of names below. Then log into your account and leave your comments and questions after the story!

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An opinionated child and her younger brother

If you’d met me some 30 years ago, you would have found a rather opinionated child, somewhat chubby after early puberty, with a passion for 1960s protest music, flare jeans and the colour purple. I held opinions on the latest political crisis in Italy, spoke

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How to be a grown-up in a pandemic

A friend in Madrid is snowed in and has to work throughout the night because her kids can’t leave the house at all, not even to go to school, which is already operating under reduced hours because of the coronavirus. Claudia and Davina, respectively in

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So long twenty twenty, welcome 2021!

Wow. Thanks! Your support of my writing was one of the best things about 2020, the one I would like to focus on as we start a new year. So far over 200 of you have become part of this new community, and many have

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