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On umbilical cords and feeling at home

Before delving into this week’s topic, some good news: I got a Facebook scholarship to participate in the Journalism Creators Program at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY! This means that I’ll spend the next 100 days studying how to make this platform

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I’m creating this space to mourn a loss

*Warning: This newsletter talks about miscarriage. If you find the topic triggering, maybe skip reading this edition, and check out this website for extra resources. I felt so tired when 2021 started. Sure, I thought to myself: I had been made redundant by The Correspondent, the

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How do we talk to children about the news?

This week I explore tips on talking to children about the news. If you’re anything like me, you may have more questions and worries. That’s why I’ve invited experts that you can talk to directly, if you’re a paying member: check out the full list of names below. Then log into your account and leave your comments and questions after the story!

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An opinionated child and her younger brother

If you’d met me some 30 years ago, you would have found a rather opinionated child, somewhat chubby after early puberty, with a passion for 1960s protest music, flare jeans and the colour purple. I held opinions on the latest political crisis in Italy, spoke

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How to be a grown-up in a pandemic

A friend in Madrid is snowed in and has to work throughout the night because her kids can’t leave the house at all, not even to go to school, which is already operating under reduced hours because of the coronavirus. Claudia and Davina, respectively in

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Do you also love someone who’s had an abortion?

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández wore a green tie last week to announce he was sending a bill to legalise abortion to Congress. This is the ninth time a bill makes its way into Congress in Argentina – but this time there are high hopes that

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Dear parents, stop organising your kids’ playtime

2020 has been a trying year for parents, with many struggling to arrange a schedule for schooling and playtime. The good news: play doesn’t need to be planned – and it shouldn’t be. On World Children’s Day, it’s the perfect time to remember and value the importance of play.

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The importance of care and empathy

I’m writing this newsletter after being awake most of the night. My son was in pain. He cried and cried. He would only settle in my arms while I walked around. He refused his father’s arms and kept calling for me. I think that even

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