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Is a gender-neutral world science fiction?

I’ve just come back from a trip to Gethen – a cold place, with beautiful glaciers and a society of people that are devoid of sex and gender for most of the time. They are simply *people*, undefined by what they have between their legs

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Ruminations on the fragility of life

This week my son Lorenzo fell while bouncing around in the park. He was holding a tiny stick, which ended up poking him just above the eyelid. It was a miracle he didn’t scratch his cornea or poke his eye out. But was it a

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Welcome to the magical land of home

Last week the peace and quiet of my parents’ well-curated rooftop terrace, which includes a collection of cacti they picked up all over the Americas and repotted here in Naples, was disturbed by workers refurbishing the building next door. My parents were horrified as the

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Forever in the archive:

Calling on grandparents

As I type this, construction workers are hammering outside my window, standing on a mobile scaffolding. The noise of traffic joins in, rising all the way up to the second floor. Then comes the smell of freshly-baked pizza from the joint just below. Such mundane

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On the other side of fog

Since I published my piece about play last week, a very interesting conversation has been unfolding below it. In the article, I focused on how necessary unstructured play is for us as a species in order to learn. But some great contributions from members and invited experts pushed

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On love, care, and the role of family

I’m back at work today after the Easter weekend, when I had a couple of days off. It meant extra family time at a time when family time seems to be all I get.  But since reading developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik, an inspiring thinker when it

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Stop judging parents by how their children fare

Being a mother comes with a lot of conflicted feelings. I go from wanting to literally bite into my son’s chubby thighs and cheeks to wanting to scream at him when it’s midnight and he doesn’t feel like sleeping. It’s a rollercoaster. Adoration mixed in

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On tooth fairies and dreamy swims in lockdown

I’ve been in lockdown in Naples, Italy, for three weeks now. The rules are strict here; we can only go out with a self-certification showing that we’re doing groceries or going to the pharmacy. Since I’m staying with my parents, I’m being extra careful for

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