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How do we raise a feminist?

Every person who believes men are superior to women was once a child.  People who see women as possessions passed on from their fathers to their husbands; as child bearers and kitchen cleaners; as worthless on the sports field or in the boardroom; as leaders

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Women! Women everywhere (even on the walls)

Powerful marches and strikes were led by women in Latin America to mark International Women’s Day this year – something I’ve missed since I’m in Italy, where public gatherings are to be kept to a minimum because of coronavirus containment strategies. Women in Latin America marched

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Why ‘vagina’ should be part of everyone’s vocabulary

“Does the female form make you uncomfortable, Mr Lebowski?” The question comes from Maude Lebowski, an avant-garde artist and feminist played by Julianne Moore in The Big Lebowski, one of my all-time favourite movies. “The word itself makes some men uncomfortable: vagina.” When I first watched

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Why would you ever argue against daycare for every child?

It’s good for society, it’s good for your kids, and it’s good for the economy. If we want equal and prosperous societies, we should make daycare a universal right.  When does education start? As late as 2011, Unesco* hadn’t even contemplated formal education for children under the age

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Forever in the archive:

Let’s talk about sex, baby (and gender, too)

Part of what we do here at The Correspondent is explain our learning curve as writers and bring our readers along for the sake of transparency. Last week, my latest article came out about my challenges as a feminist mother raising a boy. It started off as

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Leaving crumbs behind

Little Thumb is one of those old fairytales with so many horrible details that it would never make it into a children’s book these days. It became popular in the 17th-century version, written by France’s Charles Perrault, the author of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The story

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Reading time

(Featured photo: Andrea Spinelli Barrile) “Are you reading to him?” This was the question that my son’s paediatrician asked when I last called. I wanted to make sure that I would not miss any important check-ups or vaccinations since we are going to be in

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